Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Training Plans, Oh Training Plans

I've so missed the obsessive compulsive ritual that is "the training plan" for an endurance runner.  I've put together a training plan mapping out the next several months leading up to the Whistler 50, and I've also picked out another race that I think would be a good training run the month prior, the Flora Lake 50K.  I'm hoping to turn the Flora Lake 50K into a camping trip with the family, and then I can roll out of my tent on race-day and run my first ultra.  Although I haven't done either yet, I really view my first ultra as my first 50 miler, hopefully the Whistler 50.  A 50 km race just doesn't seem that much further than a marathon to me, and, to be honest, I think I could have done another 5 miles after my last marathon relatively easily.  The fact of the matter is that I didn't do another 5 miles after my last marathon, and the only way I'll find out how easy that is, is to do it this September.

As for my training plan, I've decided to alternate between a base week of 38 miles, and a volume week that ranges from around 40-60 miles, with long runs ranging from 12 miles to 31 miles (Flora Lake 50K).  Originally I planned on running a 35 mile training run, but I think the 50K will provide better preparation for the 50 miler even though it's a bit shorter, not to mention the Flora Lake course looks absolutely gorgeous!

As for April, I managed to stick to my training plan, for the most part.  I missed 2 runs, but considering I'm just getting my running legs back under me, I think that's pretty good.  I'm getting really excited for summer, and some nice running weather.  To say that running conditions in Vancouver, BC can be unpredictable, is a huge understatement.  Last week I went from warm and sunny, to cold with hail in a single run.  I even got blasted with a huge spray of seawater one windy morning on the seawall, after running past two sailboats that had run aground in the winds.

Happy Running!