About Me

I am a husband to a wonderful wife, and a father to two amazing little boys.  In mid-2012 I quit my job to stay at home with our first son and follow my wife on the journey of a lifetime when she was offered a position with the State Department as a Foreign Service Officer.

Our first post was Hyderabad, India, followed by Vancouver, Canada, and we rotate to a new post (and country) every 2-3 years.  Before heading to Vancouver, BC we had our second child, and my world got incredibly more busy!  My passion for running has endured through life's changes, and I find myself continually training for half marathons, marathons, and beyond!

I ran my first marathon in 2009 with the Team in Training organization, and personally raised $1800 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  I ran the Seattle Marathon, and it would be an understatement to say that it was a disaster.  I under-trained, I ran it the day after returning from a week in Paris, France, and I did all of my training based on time rather than mileage so I never actually knew how far I had run before the marathon.  I crossed the finish line at 4:22:18 and was devastated.  Everything on my body hurt and I felt so defeated that I didn't run at all for the next 1-2 years.

A few years later I read several inspiring running books (Born to Run, Once a Runner, Ultramarathon Man, Running on Empty, and Running With Legends to name a few) and I found myself embracing running once again.  It seemed that fate had intervened when I entered an essay contest for a bib to the sold-out 2012 Marine Corps Marathon...and won.

This blog was started to chronicle my journey training for the 2012 Marine Corps Marathon; however, I hope that it will become a chronicle of my journey in running around the world.  In Seattle, WA to Arlington, VA to Hyderabad, India to who knows where next.  I found a supportive community in running which enabled me to alter my lifestyle for the better, and I hope that I can provide that same support to others through my blog.

Thank you for reading!

Happy Running!