Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Mizuno Wave Precision 12 Review

I purchased these shoes a few months ago, and I've since logged close to 400 miles in them.  They powered me through the 2012 Marine Corps Marathon, and also the 2012 Gar Williams Half Marathon Trail Run.  I bought these shoes expecting the worst, and hoping for the best, due to their relatively low cost.  I've found them online ranging from about $65-$80, and haven't seen them in any of the local running stores.  I have to say that I've been very pleasantly surprised.  They are comfortable, lightweight, very stable, incredibly durable, and I think they look pretty cool too.  Here are some of the specs.
  • 12mm heel to toe drop
  • 9.6oz (listed on website)
  • sole material: blown rubber/X10 carbon rubber
  • midsole material: AP+/copolymer
  • upper material: AirMesh
  • recommended use: running/performance running

The only problem I've had with these shoes is with the fabric loop along the lacing, which you run the laces through.  It's purpose is to prevent the laces from loosening when you tie them, and also, I imagine, to prevent the laces from moving during a run.  This works extremely well, and that's the problem for me.  It's very easy to over-tighten the shoes, which adds a lot of pressure to the top of my foot, usually not noticeable until a couple miles into a run...after the damage is done.  This may be a problem specific to me since I suffered from extensor tendonits last summer, and the lacing issue is far more noticeable in that foot than the other.

Even with the minor lacing problem I've encountered, I LOVE these shoes.  I can't believe that after 400 miles, with the exception of a little dirt, there are very few signs of wear on these shoes.  I would absolutely recommend them as a long distance shoe.  For the serious short distance runner (10K or less) I would recommend something different.  Perhaps the Saucony Kinvara 3, (SK3) or another more minimalist style shoe (Nike FreeAsics GEL-Fuji RacerINOV-8 F-LiteNew Balance Minimus) because of their lighter weight and more responsive feel.

I wore these last weekend for a trail half marathon, and I probably won't do that again :-)  These don't claim to be a trail shoe, and they certainly aren't.  Quite a few rocks along the trail sent a jolt of pain up through my forefoot and into my leg.  They do provide enough cushioning and traction that you could use them for light trail use or a mix of road/trail runs, but there is no doubt that these are a road shoe.

Judging by the amount of wear on the Mizuno Wave Precision 12's 400 miles in, I think I'll get many more miles out of these shoes.  I say 800-1000 miles, if not more.  Because of their insane durability, and nice comfort, I absolutely recommend these shoes for a long distance road shoe.

Happy Running!