Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Altra Lone Peak - Initial Review

I just purchased a pair of Altra Lone Peak trail running shoes and, although I haven't taken my first run in them yet, they feel amazing.  They're not what I would call a minimalist shoe; however Altra would disagree with me as 'minimalist' is plastered all over every description of their shoes.  They do offer many of the benefits minimalist runners look for in a shoe.  

Minimalist Features:
- Zero-drop (the heel is not raised higher than the toe of the shoe)
- Wider toe-box to allow for toe splay
- Foot shaped design (according to Altra)

Not-So-Minimalist Features:
- My size 11.5's are roughly 12.5 oz, rather than the stated 9.9 oz on the Altra website (perhaps their smallest size shoe?)
- Thickness of soles (including footbed) 22.5mm
- Tail rudder for downhill jamming

I'm pretty excited about getting these out on some trails and really seeing how well they work.  Overall I've got a really good fist impression with these shoes.  I think they will be a perfect shoe for me to use for trail runs and longer runs, in combination with barefoot running.  I'm hoping that they will provide adequate cushioning to alleviate some of the 'top of foot pain' I've experienced with barefoot/VFF running, while still helping me maintain proper form with their minimalist features.